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​My name is Britt Wright. I am the founder and head scout, always keeping a watchful eye on young upcoming basketball talent coming out of the state of California. With decades of in-depth knowledge and experience, I have developed a keen sense of finding talented basketball prospects with good potential for college level basketball and helping them get to the next level - exactly where they want to be. Take note though that I don't just look for players who can fit in - I look for players who can truly help their team in the achievement of their objectives. 

In my many years of high school basketball scouting in California, I have come to the conclusion that there's a huge difference between a player who can fit well in a team and a player who doesn't just fit in the team but helps make it better as well. My work is about finding young, talented basketball players, helping them get better at their craft, and eventually assisting them reach the next level of their basketball career, which is collegiate basketball.

​Britt Wright 
Head Scout
Become the player you were born to be.

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