Wright's Basketball Scouting Report Gary Porter Showcase

On Saturday December 1. I traveled to Modesto Christian to evaluate players participating in the Gary Porter Showcase event held at Modesto Christian High School in Modesto California. There were four boys games. Here's my thoughts on the games.

Monterey High 75 Elliot Christian 27.

Not a very competitive game for Monterey, but it did give me a chance to see the players who I've seen before, and see how they are progressing in the early season. Adam Mohammed a 6'2 senior led the team in scoring with 27 pts. Mohammeds a strong physical player who can play both guard positions, he has good ball handling skills, can attack the basket from different angles, he has range from beyond the 3 line and can hit from different spots, in the corner, wings and at the top. Tahjae Ordonio, a 6'2 combo guard who looks like he's settling in to the kind of player I thought he could be when I saw him play a couple of seasons ago. He has a good understanding of whats going on in the game and he's playing to his strengths and he lets the game come to him. He's a steady player who can set the offense. His handles are good and he has good range on his shot he contributed 13 points.

Weston Ranch 64, Capital Christian 57. Donjae Lindsey, a 6'1 Sophomore guard continues to impress with his play in the early season. He looks confident and sure of himself, he doesn't make a lot of mistakes. He is as quick as any guard I've seen in the early season, he can penetrate the lane and finish. He can spot up for 3. He finished with 10 points. Gavin Wilburn 6'3 junior g/f. I'm still trying to figure Gavin out. He's a big strong athletic type player, looks like a full back. He's a guard playing the post area for Weston Ranch, because he's the most effective player in the paint for this team. He can handle the ball like a guard, when he gets up a head of steam, you can't stop him. I've seen him shoot the 3 on occasion, an excellent rebounding guard, smaller players can't guard him on the post area. Capital Christian. Freshman Darrion Williams a 6'4 wing player improves each game. He had 13 points.

Moreau Catholic 62, St Mary's Stockton 44 I know it's early in the season but this senior led team looks in mid season form. They are missing league MVP Max Anderson (football) they're going to be very difficult to deal with as the season progresses. Leonard Turner 6'5 senior wing scored 18 points, he looks like he's going to do damage his senior year, he had a couple of strong left handed drives from the wing to the basket. He's contiunues to work on his range shooting and he's always been a decent defender. Glen Byrd 5'11 senior guard is playing solid basketball in the early going. I've seen him have two good games, he's knocking down open shots and playing confident. He added 14 points. Bryce Johnson 6'7 senior g/f didn't score many points this game 4. He has a college body, he can rebound, his handles are good enough to lead the break, he would be hard to guard in high school if he posted up more. He's a top Nor Cal prospect to watch.

Modesto Christian 79, James Logan 59 The game was more entertaining than the final score would indicate. Logan is a good team with some quality prospects. They're playing a tough early season schedule. this will help them as they move through the season. Too me it starts with guard Brett Thompson a 5'10 guard continues to play with a high motor. He scored 16 points, played tough defense, dove for loose balls, he's a player to continue to watch. Gabriel Hawkins 6'5 senior wing player is a competitor, he might get over looked because of the guards but he is a steady player who does some of everything. He didn't miss a shot in the third quarter. He ended the game with 16 points. Modesto Christian the #2 ranked team in Nor Cal played a balanced game where everyone made a contribution The front line of Tsotne Tsartsidze a 6'9 senior forward, Aaron Murphy 6'7 senior forward (UC Davis) and Alex Merkvilade 6'8 junior forward proved to be too much for Logan. Tsotne Tsartsidze's 16 points 14 rbounds and 4 blocks stood out as he was named MVP of the showcase. He will be key to their success. If Modesto Christians big guys produce, the guards Michael pearson 5'10 junior guard. Earv Knox, a 6'0 senior and Dathan Satchell 6'3 will handle the rest. The bench also makes this a tough team to deal with sharp shooters. Baljot Sahi 6'0 junior guard and freshman Devin Day 6'3 both players have to be accounted for.

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