Wright's Basketball Scouting Report Sheldon Adidas Challenge

Scouting involve lots of travel to events where basketball and potential prospects come together. This week I traveled to Sacramento for the Sheldon Adidas Challenge . Sacramento's top high school teams came together for this showcase event. The players I thought played well with their high school team are as follows. I watched the last five games, I missed the first two games (Pleasant Grove vs Christian Brothers and Elliot Christian vs Benicia).

West Campus: 79 Weston Ranch: 71

#23 Nate Karren/6'8 /Sr./Post player for West Campus played well along with #2 Quincy Taylor/ 6'2/So./Guard. #5 Devin Small/5'11/Jr./Guard had a solid performance.

Sacramento: 64 St. Joseph Notre Dame: 60

#1 Mile Lewis/5'10/So./PG, A solid performance, scored 19 points. #15 Jabari Sweet/6'7/ Center, good rebounder, strong inside player 16 points and #24 Izayah Talmadge/6'3 /Jr. produced 19 points. #14 Julian Vaughns/6'3/Guard for St. Joe's scored 19 points for the Pilots. #20 Adam Campos/6'5/Jr./Forward plays hard every play scored 9 points and #30 Cameron Ba/6'3/Sr./Guard scored 13 points. #4 Eric Greer/5'9/Jr. /Guard played well.

St. Patrick-St. Vincent: 68 Vanden: 60

This is my second time seeing SPSV. This young team continues to improve. #1 Jalen Scott /6'0/ So. comes off the bench and provides steady play had 11 points, #3 Chance McMillan/6'1/Jr. 6 points, #11 Akil Edwards/5'10/Jr. scores key baskets and last but not least #22 Dishon Jackson/6'8/So. 22 points, continues to show why he's a top player in Norcal. Dishon moves well, has a good jump shot, his foot work is improving and he will get stronger. Vanden has #11 Jhaylon Martinez/6'10 /So./Forward 9 points. Jhaylon has to decide if he wants to be a top player, he has the tools. I get frustrated watching him because I know he can do more, he's only a Sophomore he has time, lets go Jhaylon. #1 Marquis Davison-Holloway/6'3/Sr./Guard 14 points. Strong player with hops, shoots good and defends, plays hard and drives to the basket. #15 Teiano Hardee/6'3/So. 13 points. Impressive showing by the Sophomore good all around game shoots well, runs the floor and drives to the basket.

Jesuit: 80 Oak Ridge: 69

#1 Isa Silva/6'2/Fr. 7 points comes off the bench and provides energy. As a freshman on varsity he is holding his own. #2 Jake Virga/6'0/Sr./Guard made four 3's finished with 15 points. #22 Domonic Wall/6'4/Sr./Guard scored 10 points good effort, #23 Brandon Rutherford/6'1/Fr./Guard impressive showing by the freshman runs the floor and attacks the basket scored 8 points, he's not intimidated playing varsity. #44 Elias King/6'9/Sr./ Forward. Solid player scored 28 points. Elias's skill set is improved. Good foot work around the basket, can shoot the three, handles the ball in transition, should hit the weight room. Oak Ridge has solid group of players. #12 Spencer Duane/6'5/Sr. displayed a solid overall game he scored 16 points. #14 Drake Middleton/6'5/Jr./Forward runs the floor in transition and made some good shots finished with 15 points good effort. #32 Cade Hoppe/6'9/Sr./Forward contributed 15 points. #22 Jacob Brown/6'4/So./Guard, #30 Ethan Nisbet/6'5/Jr. both players did some good things off the bench.

Liberty: 67 Whitney: 52

#5 Jay Butterfield/6'6/So./Wing. shoots the three, runs the floor, good player to keep an eye on. #23 Ben Smith/6'3/Guard, good athlete, needs to upgrade his skill set. Liberty has a young team. I will watch this team again. Whitney #1 OA Arai/5'7/Jr./Guard & FAST. #5 Jacob Fink/6'4/ So./Guard.

Sheldon: 76 Capital Christian: 57

Feature game. Sheldon is rounding into form playing well now.#0 Dale Currie/6'1/Sr./Guard 12 points is a good player, he's fast, handles the ball, attacks the basket, can shoot and defend. #12 Kaito Williams/6'2/Jr./Guard 21 points. First time seeing him play this year. Solid defender plays with some intensity, made some 3's, drives the lane , attacks the basket and good in transition. #24 Ronald Agesbar/6'4/Sr./Forward 9 points 4 or 5 blocks, quick leaper, rebounds, gets the break started. good for 2 or 3 dunks a game, he runs the floor. Sheldon has a team of young talent , they will continue to produce good players. Capital Christian has a really good player in Zachary Chappell/6'3/Sr./Guard scored 25 points, continues to produce for this team, he handles the ball, shoots the 3 and is the leader on this team. #1 Rick Barros/6'5/Sr./Guard 8 points. Rick can drive to the basket, handle the ball and defend taller players. #4 Trey Jones/5'10/Jr./Guard, 6 points. Trey didn't play his best game but still a solid player for this team. #14 Kareem Clark/6'4/Sr./Guard contributed 9 points.

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