Moreau Catholic 2018 Summer Shoot Out

June is the month when high school basketball takes over and players play with their school teammates before heading into July when they will be back with their club teams. Wright's Basketball Scouting was at Moreau Catholic in Hayward, CA, on June 22-24, to watch some of these players from Nor-Cal play. I have seen most of these players with their club team. I want to continue to evaluate them in different settings and to see how they compete, adjust and handle adversity.

Moreau Catholic hosted the event and won a spirited contest in the final game against league rival James Logan 57-50. These two teams will play at least 2 more times during the season. I expect these teams to compete with everything they have when they meet.

Moreau has a deep bench with good young players on the roster ready to fill a role. I'm sure as the season progresses I will point out some of those young players on the bench. For this tournament these are the players from Moreau who stood out in my opinion:

Leonard Turner/2019/6'6/wing. I've been watching Leonard play for a while now. It seems like he has decided he wants to play at the next level. He has long arms and is athletic. He's playing with more energy. He's rebounding and scoring around the basket. He led the break and finished well on the wing. On occasion he will take the mid range jumper and the three point shot.

David Hector/2019/6'2/guard. Hector plays with energy, he's fast and plays hard. He attacked the basket and finished with either hand, gets out on the wings in transition and will pull up for the mid range jump shot, and can rebound.

Amil Fields/2019/6'6/wing. Amils biggest contribution was knocking down 3 pt shots, when he's on you have to account for him.

James Logan: Malcolm Steadman/2019/6'5/wing. Another player with a long body who plays good defense can handle the ball and drive the basket, he seems to be working on on his shooting from 3pt land, when he knocks those down consistently he'll be a better player.

Gabriel Hawkins/2019/ 6'4/ guard he does a lot for his team that goes unnoticed. tough rebounder, drives hard to the basket and steps out and knocks down 3pters usually guards the other teams scoring threat.

Brett Thompson/2019/ 5'10/pt guard. Tough minded guard, plays hard all the time, handles the ball good, a willing passer, attacks the basket and can pull up for the mid range jumper and hit some 3pt shots.

Newark: Endigo Coleman/2019/6'2/guard. Good defender an unselfish player whose always in the mix whether it's rebounding, making a extra pass or driving to the basket, handles the basketball.

Bishop O'Dowd: Will Chavarin/2019/6'3/combo guard, has shown his abilities to play either guard spot, he has handles and can shoot, he sets the offense in half court and he can get out on the break on the wings and knock down shots as well and finish around the basket.

Iniko McNeil/2019/5'10/guard. Reliable player doesn't make many mistakes takes care of the ball, makes good decisions and attacks the basket, can knock down the mid range jumper.

Folsom: Jalen Scott/2019/6'2/guard. Athletic and can jump, good defensive player, handles the ball, runs the floor.

De La Salle: Jeremiah Dorgan/2022/6'3. Incoming Freshman. I'm alway impressed when a young player has the ability to play varsity his freshman year. Jeremiah has a good skill set, he plays with confidence he isn't fazed by the fact that he's a newcomer he just goes out and plays like he's been doing this for a while.

Alameda: Jordan Givens/2019/ 6'6/post player. good foot work around the basket, solid rebounder and stepped out and shot the 3pt shot.

Serra: Parker McDonald/2019/6'3/guard. Parker can play pt guard depending on what his team needs are, he did a good job running half court sets , then moving over to play the off guard spot, he knocked down open 3pt shots, he drove strong to the basket and finished. Likes to get out in transition he made his presence known on the court.

Salesian: Shane Bell/2020/6'3/guard. Shane a long armed athletic player, consistent doesn't make mistakes, good defensive player, slasher type player can finish around the basket likes to get out and run on the wings.

Northern California has good players. Some events players don't stand out like others. Don't stop. If you're good I'll find you.

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