Wright's Basketball Report. The Elite 8 Fall Preview in Sacramento CA.

Saturday morning I took a two hour drive from San Jose to Sacramento CA, to get a first hand look at schools from Nor Cal that play in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. The event was the Elite 8 Fall Preview held at Sacramento High School. It was an opportunity for me to see some of Sacramento's top prospects play at the same venue. The school participants were, Relentless (Sac High), Trailblazers ( Monterey Trails), Titan Pride (Burbank), 209 Knights (Brookside Christian), CCBC (Capital Christian), Cal Red Raiders (Jesuit), Solano Hurricanes (Vanden), Stockton Cougars (Weston Ranch), Pacer Academy (Grant), 1Team 1Dream (Modesto Christian), Big Dawgs (Sheldon). Here's a brief report on the days event.

Big Dawgs (Sheldon) are still the big dawgs sitting on the porch and everybody else is chasing. Sheldon could possibly have the best starting five in Nor Cal. Two more potential starters didn't play. They are my early season favorites to represent Nor Cal. The team they beat for the final game of the day was no pushover CCBC (Capital Christian). The new coach is still getting to know his team, they're deep, athletic, and never stop playing. Once things settle down they're going to be a tough opponent for any team. Stockton Cougars (Weston Ranch) is going to make some noise before it's all over, they got a legitimate post area player who can handle his business in the paint, and will help this team make a legitimate run come playoff time. Relentless (Sac High) The coach told me he had 3 players missing because of football. This team will come at you in waves, he plays who ever is getting it done. They do have a couple of solid prospects to lead them, and some decent young players on the bench. They might stumble, but don't sleep on Sac High. I have seen most of the back court duos in Nor Cal. Pacer Academy/(Grant) Many can make a case that this is the best duo in Nor Cal. They also have some inside play and experience, they too will compete with the best. 209 Knights (Brookside Christian) I think they'll surprise some teams along the way, and might even make a run in the lower division. They have one of Nor Cal's top 2021 prospects and a decent big man that can change some shots, and score some in the paint. Cal Red Raiders (Jesuit) has the top 2021 Nor Cal prospect on it's roster, and a 6'9 big. It's early for them but they have some players who gives them a shot to have a good season. Solano Hurricanes (Vanden) I didn't see this teams best player, but they did have a top Nor Cal 2022 prospect and some speedy guard guards who are aggressive, love to attack the basket and hound you on defense. I look forward to seeing this full team. 1Team 1Dream (Modesto Christian) I think. I only seen them play one game, they were missing a couple of key players. I expect them to be in the conversation at some point during the season. Good coach good program. Trailblazers (Monterey Trail) I watched them for one game, they have a couple guys who did well. The one thing I know is that if you play any of the teams at this event you will be in for a game. Burbank was also at this event, I didn't see this team play. Sacramento has a lot of good prospects in the area and represented Nor Cal very well. Because the rosters aren't set, there was no player stats or player #'s available. Here are some of the top prospects for this event.

Myles Lewis 6'0 Sac High 2020, Darrin Tobias 6'6 Sheldon 2020, Dontrell Hewlett 6'4 Sheldon 2020, Pierce Davis 6'8 Sheldon 2020, Jordan Johnson 6'6 Weston Ranch, Kendall Taylor 6'4 Cap Christ 2020, Evan Johnson 6'4 Cap Christ 2020, Ronnie Ray 6'6 Brookside Christian 2020, A.J McGee 6'0 Grant 2020, Issa Silva 6'3 2021 Jesuit, Cory Yerger 6'1 2021 Grant, Caden Flowers 6'0 Cap Christ 2021, Chico Lewis 6'6 Cap Christ 2021, Donjae' Lindsey 6'2 Weston Ranch 2021, Geronimo Rubio-De La Cruz 6'2 Brookside Christian 2021, Alex Maze 6'2 Sac High 2021, Marcellus Franklin 6'4 Sac High 2022, Luca Davis 6'4 Sac High 2022, Darrion Williams 6'5 Cap Christ 2022, Varrick Lewis 6'3, Takai Emerson-Hardy 6'6 Vanden 2022, Varrick Lewis 6'3 Monterey Trail 2023.

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