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Elite 8 Fall Preview

Elk Grove CA- The Elite 8 Fall Preview was held Saturday at Monterey Trail HS. Fall Ball has become a regular part of high school basketball in the Sacramento Area, a large part of NorCal that has plenty of quality players and talent who can play at the next level. SoCal has been doing it for years with good success. It gives coaches an opportunity to weave in transfer players, get a better look at some of the incoming Freshman who'll play Varsity but could use some seasoning before for the upcoming season. It's an opportunity for basketball scouting services, and media to evaluate, and see as many prospects as we can before the season begins.

Wright's Basketball a Northern California Scouting Service spent the day in the main gym watching 9 games while other consolation games for this event were being played out in the auxiliary. There were 10 teams in a tournament format, the winners move on with a chance to play in the final game of the day. We don't know why since it's allowable for teams to participate during this time. Fall Ball teams change their names to a club name.

CHB ( Modesto Christian), The Ranch (Weston Ranch), California Red Raiders (Jesuit), Family First (Vanden), The Big Dawgs (Sheldon), Pacer Academy (Grant), Trailblazers (Monterey Trail), Sac Hoops (Sacramento High), Rocktown (Rocklin), Train First, (Amador Valley).

CHB won the title with a 79-74 win over The Ranch. CHB seemed to be coasting along on it way to victory with the newly transferred in Gavin Sykes looking comfortable in his new surroundings, playing along side his back court mate Myles Jones fresh off his participation in the top 25 Game at the Pangos All-West Frosh/Soph Camp last week in SoCal, until Mateen Rafiq who had been out for 5 weeks recovering from a concussion caught fire draining at least 7 threes, some from NBA range as the The Ranch wouldn't go down easy. The Ranch closes out it's Fall Ball Season going 17-2, playing against quality competition, you'll be in for a game when you play them, don't sleep on The Ranch.

Family First took on the Big Dawgs in another game in the winners bracket with Family First winning a close contest 52-49. Tyler Thompson one of NorCal's top players and recently committed to Montana showed us why. He dropped 28pts along with showing us his overall talents on both ends of the court, , ball handling, passing, snatching rebounds, and chasing down blocks. Josh Neal, transfer Isiah Dixon gives Vanden size, length, and another good player to compete with anybody, while Sheldons young core of Jaden Spears and Mahammed Singleton are ready to take their games to a higher level after have a good Spring and Summer competing on The Adidas 3Stripe Circuit.

The Cal Red Raiders took on the host Trailblazers as both side were missing key players, Cole Epperson, and Damarion Vann-Kelly was nursing a sprained ankle. It was an opportunity for Brandon Gibson 24pts show that he's taken his game to a higher level and Derron White continues to expand his point guard play. When fully healthy The Trailblazers will make some noise coming out of Sac. The Red Raiders have Kevin Haupt who's a point guard, but looks more comfortable when he's off ball looking to put up more shots, and Ahjani Lewis who's showing a good all around game attacking the basket, along with rising Junior Ashe Schroeder who continues to show us he can play.

Game 1: Pacer Academy made a furious comeback going on a 17-1 run after half-time to beat Sac Hoops 45-34. Dre Gomez went for 20 while Marcel Ward 6'8 2026 is on an upward path. Kendahl Hearns the two sport athlete (Football ) led Sac High with 16pts, while rising 2025 Sirmarius Jones was out nursing a sore calf muscle.

Game 2: Big Dawgs ran away from Train First a last minute replacement 74-57. The Dawgs always put up a fight with Jaden Spears, Mahammed Singleton two 2025 players who look ready to carry the load, along with underrated Seniors Tyler Rattler and Jaden Woodard. We found out a few things about Amador Valley. The Kreuger Brothers, Kasen 2025, and Cade 2026 transferred from Monte Vista in Danville and will play along side incoming Freshman Jaylen Smith who had a good showing.

Game 3: CHB took care of the Rocktown Ballers 71-51. Rising Junior 6'8 Mark Lavrenov was somewhat dominate as he worked his way around the court. Using his size to score and rebound over smaller players. He has an inside out game showing he can knock down 3-point shots. Marcus Washington the transfer from Valley Christian, along with Dre' von Johnson gives CHB good size for the post area.

Game 4: Cal Red Raiders 54, Trailblazers 46. We saw more of Rashad Ingleman, Ahzeil Franklin, and Kentrell Kelly who's been out with a sprained finger.

Game 5: Family First 49, 52 0ver Big Dawgs

Game 6: The Ranch takes down Pacer Academy 55-41 in a game with high emotions, good intensity, leaving it all on the court.

Game 7: CHB 48, Family First 47. close contest throughout, back and forth, no leads large than a few points. Gavin Sykes transfer from Capital Christian to Modesto Christian, Myles Jones transfer from Folsom to Modesto Christian, Marcus Washington Tranfer from Valley Christian (San Jose), Isiah Dixon transfer from Will C Wood to Vanden.

Game 8: The Ranch 65, Cal Red Raiders 53 Damion Rease, Josh Banks, Fransna Senegal, Joziah Bell, Aiden Thomas, Shannveer Natt make up a good supporting cast in this uptempo style of play.

Game 9: CHB wins the final game 79-74 against The Ranch

Top 25 players

Gavin Sykes 6'4 2025 Guard: MVP , CHB

Myles Jones 6'3 2026 Guard, CHB

Marcus Washington 6'6 2024 W/F, CHB

Mateen Rafiq 6'0 2024 Guard, The Ranch

Darrion Lilly 6'5 2025 W/F, The Ranch

Richard Banks 6'3 2024 G/F, The Ranch

Tyler Thompson 6'5 2024 Guard Family First, (Montana)

Jayden Robinson 6'2 2024 Guard, Family First

Josh Neal 6'5 2024 W/F, Family First

Isaiah Dixon 6'5 2025 W/F, Family First

Kasen Krueger 6'0 2025 Guard, Train First

Cade Krueger 6'1 2026 Guard, Train First

Jaylen Smith 5'11 2027 Guard, Train First

Brandon Gibson 6'4 2024 G/W/F, Trailblazers

Derron White 5'10 2025 PG, Trailblazers

Mark Lavrenov 6'8 2025 F/PF Rocktown

Josiah Andrews 5'11 2026 Guard. Rocktown

Mohammed Singleton 6'1 2025 Guard, Big Dawgs

Tyler Rattler 5'11 2024 Guard, big Dawgs

Jayden Spears 6'4 2025 G/W/F, Big Dawgs

Kevin Haupt 5'10 2024 CG, Cal Red Raiders

Ahjani Lewis 6'2 2024 Guard, Cal Red Raiders

Asher Schroeder 6'5 2025 W/F, Cal Red Raiders

Drevon Johnson 6'7 2024 Forward, CHB

Damien Rease 6'1 2025 Guard, The Ranch


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