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Clovis West Nike Fall Shootout

Fresno California: Saturday September 16, Wright's Basketball Scouting Services, was at Clovis West in Fresno, CA, for the Clovis West Nike Fall Shootout. The Central Valley is in the middle of NorCal, and SoCal. We don't see the talent the area has as much as we would like to. Things are changing a bit, as more teams from the Central Valley are scheduling games in the Northern parts of California.

Last years NorCal State Open representatives were St. Joseph from Santa Maria, San Joaquin Memorial Division II also represented NorCal at the CIF State Finals after being sent North. Here's the school and players who we thought stood out. Our focus was mainly the Central Valley prospects on court one. There's probably

players that played well that we didn't see.

Clovis West: Jackson Young 6'2 2024 CG, DJ Stickman 6'2 2025 PG, Jace Kellogg 5'11 2026 PG, Chris Baudreau 6'10 2025 Center, Lawrence Moore 6'1 2027 G/W.

Clovis: Dilibe Allison 5'10 2024 PG, Treyvonn Sanderson 6'2 2024 G, Mathew Williams 6'3 2025 W, Jackson Scarborough 6'8 2026 F, Omonuwa 6'1 2024 G.

San Joaquin Memorial: Abraham Potts 6'2 2025 G, Julius Olanrewaju 6'5 2025 W/F, Dre Davis 6'7 2024 F, Sajjin Sidhu 6'2 2025 SG.

Bullard: Dalen Felder 6'2 2026 G, Ja'Vance Coleman 6'2 2026 CG, Sean Smith 6'1 2026 G.

Sanger: Kevin Chambers 5'10 2024 G, Caleb Ramirez 6'3 2025 W/F, Micah Cole 6'6 2025 W/F.

Merced: Aiden Cervantes 5'10 2024 G.

Clovis East: Trenell Emerson 5'10 2026 PG, Lydell Farmer 6'4 2026 W/F, Jeremy Pierro 6'5 W/F 2024, McKay Olsen 6'2 2024 G.

Clovis North: Elias Gish 6'5 2026 SG, McKae Amundsen 5'7 2026 PG, Loukas Jones 6'2 2025 SG, Agustus Swenning 6'3 2025 W/F, Jordan Espinoza 6'3 2024 G/F/W, Connor Amundsen 5'10 2024 PG.

Teams we didn't see:

Edison, Central, Arroyo Grande,


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