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Elite 8 Fall Preview

Wright's Basketball Scouting and Evaluations a Northern California Certified Scouting Service in Northern California made the trip to Sacramento, CA to see the Elite 8 Fall Preview held at Monterey Trail High School. We saw top prospects, and their teams from around the Sacramento Area competing and preparing for what hopefully becomes a regular part of basketball during this time ( Fall Ball) before the real season begins in November.

Fall Ball Basketball in Northern California should have the opportunity to play and prepare for the upcoming season the same way they do it in Southern California. We just might have a chance to win state in the Open Division on down through the other divisions.

2023 prospects and school

Varick Lewis 6'3 2023 Guard of Monterey Trail HS (Long Beach State) MOP

Andrej Stojakovic 6'7 Guard of Jesuit #1 ranked in NorCal

Owen Ubaldo 6'3 Guard of Jesuit

Edric Dennis 6'7 Guard/Forward of Vanden

Sterling McClanahan 6'4 Guard of Vanden

Kiku Parker 6'0 Guard of Grant

Jordan Bobo 6'7 Wing/Forward of Grant

Yaqub Mir 6'3 Guard of Granite Bay

Trevor Alfsted 6'7 Foward of Granite Bay

Elliot Mobley 6'2 Guard of Weston Ranch

Elijah Mobley 6'2 Guard of Weston Ranch

Leon Mills 6'2 Guard of Edison

Mwandishi Adams 6'5 Forward of Edison

Kam Manning-Fuiamaono 6'0 Guard of Monterey Trail

Justiz Wilson 5'10 Guard of Vanden

Xavion Bell 5'9 Guard of Weston Ranch

Khristian Holmes 6'1 Guard of Weston Ranch

Reid Jones 6'2 Guard of Jesuit

2024 prospects, and school

Ben Roseborough 6'4 guard of Monterey Trail HS

Kentrell Kelly 6'6 Wing/Forward of Monterey Trail

Brandon Gibson 6'5 Guard/Forward of Monterey Trail

Damarion Vann-Kelly 6'3 Guard of Monterey Trail

Kevin Haupt Point Guard of Jesuit

Cole Epperson 6'8 Forward of Jesuit

Will Jenkins 6'2 Guard of Jesuit

Ajani Lewis 6'1 guard of Jesuit

Ahsan Huff 6'7 Forward of Vanden

Tyler Thompson 6'5 guard of Vanden

Jaden Woodard 6'3 Wing/Forward of Sheldon

Tyler Rattler 5'10 Guard of Sheldon

Darnell Hunter 6'0 Guard of Grant

Isaiah Montue 6'0 Guard of Grant

DaeLeon Neal 6'1 Guard of Edison

Taivieon Hopkins 6'0 Guard of Grant

2025 prospects and school

Derron White 5'9 Point Guard of Monterey Trail

Adrian Devenicia 6'3 Guard of Monterey Trail

Darrion Lilly 6'4 Forward of Weston Ranch

Joziah Bell 5'10 guard of Weston Ranch

John Tofi 6'4 Guard of Sheldon

Jaden Spears 6'4 Guard/Wing of Sheldon

Zamani- Mashinini-Nigl 6'4 Wing/Forward of Sheldon

Mahammad Singleton 6'0 Guard of Sheldon

Elijah Duncan 6'1 Guard of Edison

2026 prospects and school

Dre Gomez 6'5 Guard of Grant

Nathan Hibbert 6'5 Guard of Vanden

Damarcus Cobb 6'2 Guard of Edison

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